Co-planar door frames are the next generation of minimal doors which most architects do not know about yet. They are manufactured by us and a few other high-end italian companies, and eliminate the need to purchase and install superfluous extra profiles to frame a door in a minimal aesthetic.

The doors are flush with the wall on the opening side with a very fine aluminum frame. The aluminum frames can be anodised or powder-coated in any color. The rear side of the door is executed completely our other frameless doors. The real advantage to Co-Planar doors is that there is a huge installation and maintenance advantage. The doors are delivered with a custom-made ‘sub-frame’, which is installed in the drywall phase of the project, eliminating any room for error. The real door frame is simply slotted into the sub-frame, after all the dirty work is done. There are also advantages in terms of wall stability…there is less plasterwork to be done on the front side as the sheetrock slides behind the fine frame, eliminating cracking. It is an ingenious door system once you understand the full range of its potential

Door leafs available in a large variety of colors, materials, finishes.

Minimal aluminum door frames for various wall thicknesses. Wooden door leafs in a variety of colors and finishes. Available with the option of a concealed hinge.
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Door Leaf Finishes

Door Leaf Types

Magnetic Lockcases

A corner aluminium door frame, built into the wall with advanced mounting techniques. Exclusive may be installed in any type of wall structure and finished with colored, transparent or mirror structural glazing, carbon fiber, natural and artificial veneers, leather and any lacquer color in matt or gloss effect.
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