Depending on the height and width of the door, our leafs are available in Honeycomb or Tubular Core
Honeycomb is less expensive and lighter in weight.

Tubular core offers better sound protection and is significantly heavier, without the disadvantages of solid core door. Like a bridge construction, Tubular Core provides an ideal combination of weight and stability. Tubular cores have a very low thickness swelling, which is unusual for wood based materials. This makes them particularly suitable for doors with delicate surfaces – the special positioning of the particles guarantees a very high impact resistance.


The wide range of door finishes from standard white matt lacquer to exclusive coloured lacquer matching the standards of italian cabinetry, allows you to meet any budget for any project.

All our door leafs come in 259 MATT AND GLOSS FINISHES.




We also have door leafs in numerous high-end wood OAK VENEERS. Insensation does not use laminates, which are cheap, imitation wood finishes usually seen in low-end doors.