Insensation’s frameless doors outperform other frameless products with their premier engineering, uncompromised aesthetic, strength and price. A wide range of configurations for US and European walls is available. Insensation Frameless Swing doors come pre-milled, pre-assembled and pre-hung – a huge time and cost savings for the client. We do most of the installation work in our fabrication for you, saving you hundreds of dollars per door. These are the easiest frameless doors in the world to install. Ask for our 3-Step installation guide.

    There are specialized frameless doors for use with US 1/2” and 5/8” drywall. The frames accept single, double or more drywall – as you wish. It works identical with wooden or metal stud drywalls, brick or block walls.

    There are specialized frameless doors for use with European 12.5 mm plasterboard and 15 mm Fermacell® boards. The frames work the same for full-plaster (Alba® Vollgipsplatten) and block wall situations.

    Insensation has large, active interior doors projects across the USA and Canada.


    With the Nr. 1 pre-hung, universal 2″ frameless door in the USA, Insensation is pleased to release our new range of minimalist interior doors. Find out why architects in Europe, the USA and Canada use our customizable doors for their exclusive projects.

    You can view or download our catalogue using the link below.

    Interior Doors Catalog


    Designed to provide safety, Parterre Pivot Entrance Doors keeps up with the architectural demands of a modern residence. European entrance doors and armored security doors offer a unique alternative to traditional wooden or fiberglass doors. The doors are available in a wide range of wood, glass, cement and metal finishes, are of very high quality and security and have a thickness of 95 mm. This is almost 4” which is practically double the thickness of the average american entrance door.


    New York, 30 September 2020

    On the push side, our new touch technology allows you to open the door by a simply push. On the other side, just pull with any handle or with one of our new engraved solutions.

    Now available on all our frameless and innovative interior doors, Finishing Touch is the first pure no-handle function in the world of high-end interior doors which has no moveable, mechanical parts.

    Like all our modern magnetic lockcases, Finishing Touch is available in white, black and silver, to match our exclusive 3D-concealed hinges.



    Insensation is based in North America in New York, NY and in Europe in Basel, Switzerland. We deliver worldwide.


    New York, 2 July 2020

    Our door levers, like all our products, express minimalism.  We resonate with design which is pure and combines finishes like glass, natural stone, concrete, subtle colors and geometric shapes with functional design.

    New Lever Site



    Insensation is based in North America in New York, NY and in Europe in Basel, Switzerland. We deliver worldwide.


    New York, 3 June 2020

    Living in a busy world requires reduction – explicitly reduced living and work environments, where sensual overload is no longer desired or required.

    Insensation has been specialized in frameless door technologies for over 15 years.    Our experience has shown us how to implement outstanding, reliable and easily-installed doors using state-of-the-art technology, locking, cores and frame design.   We don’t add bits of wood or leave the contractor with a pile of parts.  Our solutions are thought out, evolved and affordable.

    We are proud to round out our complete frameless line of doors, SWING, POCKET and now SLIDE.    The new FSL1 Frameless Slide uses an invisible guide system.  The soft-closing features are standard and the door leafs are 2” thick – we’ve always believed a heavy door makes a better impression in high-end real estate.

    Enjoy our new FSL1 Frameless Slide doors in your next project.


    Insensation is based in North America in New York, NY and in Europe in Basel, Switzerland. We deliver worldwide.


    The new glass doors are in our New York studio.   Insensation’s new  Glass doors harmonize perfectly with frameless wooden doors in minimalist architecture.

    Our metal interior doors are made of glass with tight and slender corrosion-free aluminum profiles. These profiles are much slimmer and tighter than traditional steel door profiles. Our profiles were developed in-house and have a radius of only half a millimeter. Moreover, the front view of our profiles is only 30 mm. Our profiles have been designed symmetrically with attention to detail, so that both sides of the door are equal. This creates a sleek and calm appearance.

    Our doors are partitions are maintenance-free and made according to your wishes and dimensions.

    The design elements are available as:
    Glass Pivot Doors
    Glass Sliding Doors
    Fixed Wall Panels
    Shower Enclosures
    Single, Double, Fixed and Door combinations.

    The safety glass is either laminated or tempered, according to the project requirements, and comes in transparent, bronzed, grey, green or matt hues. The frames are standard in black (RAL 9005), bronze or silver structured paint. Other RAL colors can be ordered for large quantity projects.  The divisions in the glass are up to you.  Make your own design.

    The pivot doors come with soft-close and auto stop at 90°. The sliding doors are available with an optional soft-close.



    European entrance doors offer a unique alternative to traditional wooden or fiberglass doors. The doors are available in hinged or pivot versions, with a wide range of wood, glass or cement finishes.

    Each door is custom made, in single, double, with left and/or right fixed panels.

    The integrated handle option on our pivot doors is the ultimate luxury. High-security security options are available.

    Ask us for a free quote. Production takes 8-10 weeks. Delivery depending on your budget takes 1-6 weeks.

    Fixations are depending on the structure available and the design intent. Some examples: hidden, visible, upper panel


    Insensation is renown for its expertise in the use of sustainable aluminum in construction, particularly in the areas of doors and staircases. Our 20 year existence, with over 4500 client projects around the world makes us a good choice when considering the cost savings/benefit of implementing aluminum over steel or wood in these areas.

    With over 15 years of expertise in frameless door technologies, Insensation remains on the forefront of the complexity of frameless door typologies, and can consult your team on which products can fulfil your functional and aesthetic requirements. Our expertise has been called on for many significant projects in New York, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Connecticut, Washington, Virginia and Canada. In Europe, we have worked for the International Air Transport Association, the German Federal Pension Fund, numerous asset management companies, insurance companies, banks, hospitals and law practices.

    Contact Insensation early in your project planning to achieve the best results for your investment. Our senior management are members of the NY American Institute of Architects, and have trained over 1500 american architects in reliable frameless technologies. We have consulted on major projects from renown architects in New York City. Count on us to save you time and money, and to help you implement frameless doors which won’t ruin your reputation.


    We were honoured when the architect for a new Italian Art Warehouse (think museum) in Hudson Valley, NY approached Insensation and wanted to use our world-class frameless doors in his project. In this superb architecture lies ten of our oneplane® doors, frameless, almost hidden, as one would expect when expressing minimalism.

    The state-of-the-art facility features more than 18,000 square feet of exhibition space as well as a library with more than 5,000 publications of Italian art.