“With push-in and pull-out coplanarity, magnetic locking and concealed hinges, these doors are the ultimate in design. The installation was a piece of cake.” – High-End Contractor, New York

For those projects where a high-end, co-planar oak door is required, we have created a minimalistic CO-PLANAR door line which has handcrafted oak leafs and jambs. The leafs are co-planar with the outside wall in both push-in and pull-out versions.

State-of-the art concealed 3D hinges as well as magnetic lockcases and clean-line design classify this door as a minimalistic work of art. The door leafs are available in 15 exclusive real oak finishes. Insensation does not use laminates, which are cheap, imitation wood finishes usually seen in low-end doors.

Additional technical details and budget pricing can be found on the our corporate site.

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